is a collaborative community event that welcomes you to come sing with your friends - old and new. Great fun starting February 18, 2019 at Arlene's Grocery!

At each unique event, we work and play together to make two previously-announced songs performance-ready. Preparation ahead of time is optional. We provide a skilled back line of seasoned New York musicians along with a choir director to help you sound your best! All skill levels are welcomed. The goal is for Song Squaders to discover their individual potential as contributors rather than to turn everyone into a professional singer. Come as you are and leave sounding better!

song squad

Song Squad of New York was founded in 2018 by Jim Kuras, bassist and back line alumnus of Flash Chorus (Durham, NC). During his brief tenure with this similar project in 2016, Jim was consistently impressed with the ability of the group to maintain a welcoming climate rooted in friendship, music, and collaboration. In this spirit, he looks forward to working with New Yorkers to build Song Squad!

Note: background photo and above videos

show Flash Chorus (Durham, NC), circa 2016. 

Join them if you find yourself in NC's Triangle area!:

Stay tuned for Song Squad of New York photos and videos...